1. Removewing from body by cutting into wing joint with a sharp knife, rolling knife to let the blade follow through at the joint as pictured. Repeat with remaining wing.

2. Cut skin between leg and body of chicken; continue cutting through the meat berween tail and hip joint. Pull leg outward until hip joint pops out as pictured.

3. Continue cutting around bone and pulling leg from body until meat is separated from the bone as pictured. Cut through remaining skin. Repeat on other side.

4. Separate thigh and drumstick by cutting above 1/8 inch from the fat lime toward the drumstick side as pictured. (A thin fat line runs crosswise at joint between drumstick and thigh.) Repeat with remaining leg.

5. Holding body, neck and down, cut downward along each side of backbone through the rib joint as poctured, pulling the backbone free.

6. Placing breast eith skin side down and neck and forward, cut just through cartilage at the V of the neck. Then bend back both sides to pull and pop out bone and cartilage as pictured. Remove bone and cartilage  by pulling away from neck end. Cut or pull breast in half.

The giblets (gizzard, heart, liver and neck) can be frozen for later use or cooked and cut up, then used in gravy or stuffing. The back pieces can be used for soup.


It is difficult and dangerous to force a bull blade through a chicken, so sharpen up regularly. An electric knife sharpener, honing-steel stick or oilstone can  be used for  sharpening knives. Knoves kept in ho;ders or in racks keep their edges longer, but knives tossed in drawers become dull.

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