Time for ...

                            WORLD'S  FARE


  With more and more foreign restaurants as showplaces featuring

 their fare as experiensive showpieces , you can sometimes   forget

  that most of these glories are of humble beginnings . Created to 

 get the most out of everyday ingredients , these recipes with foreign

 flair will stand you in good stead when...

   - a taste of the exotic is just what you need

   - trying to balance the budget has unbalanced your meals

   - your're bringing back memories of last year's trip

   - you're tired of fixing the same old economizers

   - you're looking for gourmet food at less - than- gourmet prices


 If you have the kind of piky crew at your house who are silly 

 enough to " hate " zucchini but eat squai or will try something

 fried but not sauteed , then they're aereadymade audience for Osso Bucco ,  

 Sweetbreads a la King or Musaka . All of these recipe passports will soon

  have you cooking in new territory like a native. And however you 

 translate it , good eating is good eating . Bon appetit !

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