All about Fihs

To fillet a fish, lift the flesh on both sides completely

away from the fish. leaving the head, entrails, snipe, tail,

fins and skin. For a quick and easy method of filleting, see

the step pictures on reserve of card and follow these


1.Turn on its side and make a cut back of the gills straight

down to the backbone.

2. Turn the knife blade flat and cut the flesh along the

backbone almost to the fail. (Except for the tail porton,

the top fillet will be separated from the rest of the fish

with the narrow rib cage still attached.)

3. Without removing knife, lift the still attached fillet

away from backbone and entrails and flip it to the right

so the flesh side is on top the skin side on bottom.

4. Cut the fillet away from the skin in 1 piece by sliding

the knife between the skin and the flesh.

5. Cut the rib cage from the fillet. Turn the fish over and repeat 

the above steps. If you like , scoop out the "cheek " of the fish

( the little morsel of flesh under the eye ) with a knife.Fish lovers believe 

this is the most flavorful portion of the fish !



Refrigerate fish immediately in coldest part of refrigerator; cook 

witin 2 days or freeze.

Freeze cleaned fish ( after washing and patting dry ) in freezer

warp or in freezer container , covered with water.

Thaw fish in refrigerator only long enough for ease of handling .

Use thawed fish immediately and never refreeze. Some frozen 

fish can be cooked unthawed ; allow additional cooking time .


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