Dried beans ( along with dried peas and lentils ) are not

just exellent meat stretchers , they are versatile too. You

can bake them as a main dish ; simmer them in soups , 

stews and chilies ; cook and chill them for salads or mash

and refry them for a Mexican treat. Use these handy bean

tips to help you get the best results , and remember you

can store beans in your kitchen in a tightly covered 

container or in the packege  for as long as a year.


Bean Do's

- sort and wash bulk beans catefully before cooking

- add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil or shortening to

prevent foaming

- cook beans slowly over low heat

- test for doneness by pierecing a bean with a knife

- remember beans supply iron : 3/4 cup provides 1/6

of the daily requirement for women and 1/3 men

 Bean Don'ts

- be afraid to substitute a similar bean if you can't 

find those in your recipe

- add baking soda to beans as they cook unless 

your cooking water is very hard and then not more 

than 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon per cup of beans

- add tomatoes , wine or vinegar until after beans 

are tender- the acid keeps beans from getting soft

- store cooked beans for longer that 4 days in your refrigerator 


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