Microwave Veal Strips Stroganoff (recipe on reverse side

of list). Rapid cooking by penetrating microwaves al-

lows your food to cook itself.

Pressure Cooker veal Chop Suey (recipe on reverse side

 os list). One minute of pressure cooking equals 3 min-

utes of regyular cooking.


Prepare Veal Strips Stroganoff as directed on recipe 258

except-place browned veal strips in 1 1/4-quart casserole.

Mix saldt ,thyme, pepper, mushrooms,onion,( omit water )

soup and milk ;pour on veal mixture. Cover and cook

stirring once, until veal is desired doneness , about  8

minutes.* 4 SERVINGS


Prepare Veal Chop Suey as directed on Card 259 expert-

cook and stir veal and onion in 4 -quart pressure cooker

about 3 minutes. Stir in celery, water and salt.Heat to

15 pounds pressure; reduce heat, following manifactur-

es's directions to maintain pressure. Cook 8 minutes. Cool

pressure cooker immediately. Continue as directed. Add

bean sprouts with the mushrooms. 4 SERVINGS.


 *Unfortunately, time does not permit the testing of all

recipes for conversion to microwave cooking. However,

interested and enterprising consumers will doubtless find

satisfaction and enjoyment in experimenting with and

adapting recipes of their choice to their particular micro-

wave oven and the individual needs of their familes.

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