Calories 50 or less each unit.

Calories 100 or less for each.

Calories 150 or less for each.

Calories 200 or less. Beware

Calories 250 or less. Danger!

Calories over  350! Avoid!

              WISE CHOICES


Lean, trimmed meats, fish

and poiltry

Broiled or baked foods

All vegetables (eat less of-

ten: corn, kidney and lima

beans, peas, potatoes. win-

ter squash)

Fresh or unsweetened

canned fruit or juices;

fruit rich in vitamin C

(oranges, grapefruit, straw-

berries, cantaloupes)

Whole grain, enriched, re-

stored or fortified cereals

and breads

Fortified non-fat dry milk,

dry or 2% cottage or pot

cheese, Neufchatel cheese

Avoidor Eat Sparingly

Fatty meats, cold  cuts,


Fried foods

Vegetables in cream or but-

ter sauces, or shallow- or

deep-fat fried or with but-

ter crumb toppings

Canned fruits in heavy

syrup, fruitcakes, frutters,


Muffins, sweet polls, pan-

cakes, waffles, biacuits,


Whole milk, cream, sweet-

ened condensed milk,

cream cheese



PICTURED: 50 calories or less: Large peach, 2-inch chocolate chip

cookie, 2/3 cup grapes, 3/4 cup berries. 100 calories or less: Large

banana, 3-inch shugar cookie, large orange, large apple. 150 calories

or less: 1/2 cup sherbet, 1 1/4-inch square of fedge, 2-inch brownie

with nuts, doughnut. 200 calories or less: sugared doughnuts, 1/2 cup

chocolate pudding, 1/12 of 10-inch sponge cake sweet roll. 250 cal-

ories or less: 1/2 cup apple chips. 1/16 of 9-inch frosted chocolate

layer cake, raised jally doughnuts, 2 1/4-inch aquare of gingerbread.

Over 350 calories: 1/9 of 9-inch pecan pie, 1 cup chocolate malted

milk, 1/5 of 8-inch cheesecake, 1/7 of 9-inch mince pie. 

How to burn calories?

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