Curly endive



Leaf lettuce




Bronze Lettuce


Boston lettuce

KNOW YOUR GREENS: Plan to use a variety of greens in

your salads. In addition to the favorite iceberg lettuce,

try leaft lettuce, bronze lettuce, romaine Boston and Bibb 

lettuce,curly endive and ascarole. And don't neglect

spinach leaves, watercress or dandelion, beet or mustrad

tops. Vary the dark with the light. the crips with the tender.

 BE CHOOSY: Your salads should look as good as they taste,

so always buy crips, fresh greens with no brused spot

on the leaves or streaks of brown near the root. Remove

any tough, broken or damaged outer leaves from your greens.

HANDLE WITH CARE: Wash greens only as you need them.

To ensure cripness, drain thoroughly and store in a

plastic bag or container in the refrigerator. Tear greens

into bite-size pieces; don't cut expert when shredding or

wedges are called for. Strip Beldian endives into whole

leaves, or cut into slices and pull apart onion-fashion.  

DRESS IT UP: Make sure your greens are cold and dry be-

fore making your salad. Then try one or more of these

salad sparkles: sliced cucumbers, zucchini, onions,

mushrooms or radishes, cauliflowerettes, thinly sliced

carrots, cooked vegetables, apple wedges,  orange sec-

tions or sliced avocados.

TOSS UP: Add dressing at the last minute. Use just

enough to coat the leaves lightly and toss gently. Garnish

wedges, sliced green pepper or sliced olives. 

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