Folding Grill


Camp Stove

Cooking Kettle

Frypan-Style Grill

HIBACHIS are firewls of japanese origin that are popular for patio, beach

and roadside cookouts. They range from tiny tabletop  varieties, for those

who like to grill their own appetizer, to large barbecue models.

Many have adjustable grids; all have draft doors. Traditionally, hibachis

are made of cast iron, but they are now also available in aluminium.

 FOLDING GRILLS, the simplest of all outdor cooking units, are small

gird-topped fireboxes supported by folding legs. They are light and easy

to clean, transport and store. When closed, some models can be used 

to carry tools, briquets and fuel.

 BRAZIERS are shallow fireboxes  set on there or four legs. Many have adjustable

grids and draft doors in the bottom if the firebowl--features that are  a major 

advantage for controlling cooking heat. Some modest are equipped with

half-hoods and collars (to shield the fire from wind), covers, electric rotisserie

units and wheels.

CAMP STOVES are portable two- or three- burner units fueled by propane,

butane or unleaded  gasoline  and are much in use because they are fast,

safe and simple. Transportation and storage are easy becuse they collapse 

into a suitcase shape.

CIIKONG KETTLES are made of heavy cast metal and have the advantage

of a damper in both the bowl and lid. They are usually on wheels,

a convenience for backyard and patio cooking.

FRYPAN-STYLE GRILLS are inespensive portable  grills, lightweight and easy

to store. They are great for the beginner who wants to try his hand at 

outdors cooking, while ''old hands'' use them as supplements.

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