For cooking: Cut up smoky round Provolone

or mild mozzarella for pizzas; blend pasteeur-

ized process cheese spreads in casseroles and 

foundes; shnake grated Romano, Parmesan

or American cheese food on soups,

vegetables or casseroles.


For sandwiches: Stir snipped chives or grated

lemon peel into softened cream cheese; grill

semisoft Muenster or brick ( in your favorite

range of mild to sharp); or slice a block of 

distinctive. Swiss or caraway-seeded mild 

American or Norwegian cheese.

For salads: Toss bits of veined Corgonzola

cheese with crisp greens; arrange cottage

cheese with vegetable stiks; crumble blue

cheese into your favorite salad dressing; or

arrange wedges of Cheddar or Edam as 

gernish on a colorful fruit salad.

                               BUYING AND STORING CHEESE

Be wise about costs; remember:

 - Domestic cheese often costs less than imported cheese

of the same kind and quality.

 - Pasteurized process cheese ( a blend of natural cheeses)

usually cost less that mild natural cheese.

 - Mild natural cheese often cost less than sharp cheese

which has to age.

 - Processed cheese loaves cost less than process cheese


 - Wedges and sticks of cheese usually cost less than

sliced or shredded cheese.

 - Adding your own seasonings and flavorings to cottage

or cream cheese cost less than buying seasoned cheese.

                             STORING CHEESE

All cheeses need refrigeration.

 - Store soft cheeses ( such as Camembert, cream cheese

and cottage cheese ) tightly covered.

 - Cottage cheese keeps for 3 to 5 days; other soft cheeses

keep for 2 weeks.

 - Hard cheeses ( such as Swiss, Cheddar or Parmesan )

keep for several monthis. Store unopened in original

wrappers. After opening, wrap tightly with foil or

plastic wrap.

 - If you find mold on natural cheese, cut it off. If mold

has penetrated the cheese, discard it.

 - In mold - ripened cheeses ( such as blue cheese or Gor-

gonzola ) the mold contributes distinctive flavor and

color to the cheese – enjoy it !

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