Learn the benefits of carrot for your health


The carrot is one of the most cultivated vegetables worldwide. Its roots, tender and fresh, have a sweet flavor. A nutritional level, it is the richest plant in beta carotene, a compound that gives it its orange color and, once inside the body, is converted into vitamin A. It also provides vitamin E, B and potassium. Read on for all the benefits they have for your health when you incorporate in your diet.

Preserve your view

Vitamin A found in carrots, protects the retina and prevent cataracts. Furthermore, it is especially useful for improving night vision.

Invigorates the mind

The carrot is excellent to invigorate tired minds. At the same time, serves as restoring nerve. This is due to its high content of phosphorus and potassium.

Increases appetite

Thanks to this property, it is very helpful for those with eating disorders like anorexia. To get this benefit, it can be eaten raw, grated and with a little lemon juice.

Watch your digestive system

For its high fiber, carrot works as a mild natural laxative that will help fight constipation. It is also a good plant to consume before poisoning because it estómoago relieve aches and pains. At the same time, by having minerals such as sodium, chloride and potassium is good to reduce acidity.

It is diuretic

Thanks to its high water content, carrots function as diuretics. This property makes it good to have them in case of fluid retention. At the same time, help to dissolve kidney stones.

Protect your teeth

Eating raw carrots strengthens the gums. When you chew, you favor the bloodstream. At the same time will prevent bacteria from sticking together to dientes.También stimulate the secretion of saliva, which helps to make good digestion.

This plant also has a significant content of fluoride, an essential mineral to prevent tooth decay and preserve the enamel of the teeth in good condition.

Take care of your skin

You can apply carrots topically to treat eczema, wounds or burns, especially those caused by the sun. You can also use it on the face to prevent wrinkles. At the same time, its ability to nourish the skin and absorb impurities, it is excellent for treating acne.

Strengthens nails and hair

By incorporating this vegetable in your diet, you will notice that your hair becomes shiny and your nails are strengthened. This is due to its high content of vitamin A.

Helps prevent cancer

The World Cancer Report 2014 report, the World Health Organization (WHO) highlighted the carrot as one of the foods with properties to prevent some cancers, thanks to its content of carotenoids.

Ideas for incorporation in the diet

In the kitchen, carrots are used to prepare a variety of dishes, from soups and stews until juices. They are usually consumed in many different ways: raw, cooked, fried, steamed or shredded. However, you should consider that while beta-carotene resists heat of cooking, it is easily oxidized when in contact with oxygen in the air. To take advantage of all the nutrients from the plant, it is important to eat right after brewing.

Before eating, you should clean them very well. When you do this, keep in mind that it is better you scrape peeling. This is because most of the vitamins are in their skin.

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