12 Energy foods that provide an extra dose of vitality

The energy foods are those that provide an extra dose of vitality when done great physical exertion or when it seems that the body is out of fuel to keep going.

These 12 natural foods can help you overcome the feeling of tiredness:

1- Maca . It is a food that helps improve thyroid and has 18 amino acids. Great nutrition to the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. Increases vigor, vitality, and helps us adapt to stress.

Maca grows in the Andes at an altitude of about 4,000 meters. Therefore, it is a species that has characteristics and properties that allow it to survive in extreme cold, low oxygen, high winds and intense sunlight.

Maca belongs to the family of  cruciferous vegetables  (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, radishes, etc.). Its root grows like a  tuber to the underground and is relatively larger in size than the radishes and is the root portion mainly used for the production of different products. The leaves grow at ground level and also produces a small flower with four petals whitish.


Maca is classified as an  adaptogen , ie, a nutrient that is able to  regulate and balance  the physical, chemical and biological ability to cope with  stress . In general we can say that an adaptogen, has no toxic effects in the body, produces an adaptive response to stress and helps the body restore homeostasis.

According to various studies, maca has been classified as a superfood able to oxygenate the blood, increasing stamina and energy levels, regulate the functions of neurotransmitters and libido. It also helps the proper functioning of the endocrine system , being beneficial to the health of the  adrenal glands  and the  thyroid .

Properties and composition

Maca is made up of approximately 59% carbohydrates, 10% protein, 8% fiber and 2% lipids.

Maca is rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, sodium, contains trace elements such as iron and zinc, iodine, copper, bismuth, selenium, manganese and silicon. It is also rich in vitamins B1, B2, C and E.

How to use

As a superfood, Maca can be used in large quantities compared to other herbs, without adverse side effects.

Maca usually is obtained after it has been dehydrated in the form of powder or flour. This way you can include in smoothies, tea, coffee, dairy milks, yogurt, baked goods, desserts, sweets, salads, dressings, jellies, soups, etc.

Maca acts as an emulsifier, a property that allows you to mix better way oils or fats with starches and sugars, with better textures and flavors.

2- Acai . A superfood that fights 80% of cancers and promotes longevity. Has a blue pigment in their skin is very beneficial to our immune system and production of cells. High in omega 3. It is said that an increased demand for acai can help save the Amazon rainforest, home to this fruit.

The açaí, as many berries of its characteristics, is a rich source of antioxidants and nutrients, which makes it a powerful reducing free radicals; Provided, therefore, aging and, thanks to its content in essential fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9, protects against cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, consists of 40% fiber, and high concentration of carbohydrates, proteins and vegetable fat make it ideal for athletes and very active.

15 good reasons to take açaí

  1. Its effect on cancer
  2. Help cardiovascular disease
  3. Reduce the effects of aging
  4. Increases sex drive
  5. We can help you lose weight
  6. Increases energy and endurance
  7. Strengthens the immune system
  8. Recommended for women
  9. ... And beneficial for men's health
  10. Improves vision
  11. Prevents constipation
  12. Strengthens the Nervous System
  13. Protects against stress and anxiety
  14. Diabetes
  15. Promotes healthy sleep



3- Pollen and Royal Jelly . Both promote longevity. Beekeepers live much due to its consumption. It is the most complete food in the World by David Wolfe. 50-60 complete protein and minerals with a high bioavailability.


4- Miel . Our # 1 source of digestive enzymes. It helps the body eliminate metabolic waste, and is known to promote the increased IQ of children.


5- Aloe Vera . Antifungal properties. Contains polysaccharides that protect our immune system.

It is known that the gel of the aloe vera used for  burn  if applied to the skin and helps to constipation if we consume internally. In addition, aloe vera gel contains  vitamin A ,  C   and  E  and minerals like  sulfur ,  calcium ,  magnesium , zinc ,  selenium  and  chromium , and as if that were not enough, the gel provides us with  antioxidants ,  fiber , enzymes ,  amino acids  and  polysaccharides  (which help lubricate joints, brain, nervous system and skin).

For all these wonderful nutrients present in the gel of the Aloe plant I recommend to all who consume it occasionally.Aloe gel is a little bitter and gelatinous texture, so the best way to consume is adding it to a smoothie or juice, so that the remaining liquefied gel.


6- Cacao oil . Contains magnesium, chromium, iron, zinc and copper. Great for the brain and heart (the main mineral in our hearts is magnesium). Cocoa is the # 1 in the world in antioxidants; contains a higher concentration than any other fruit or nut.


7- goji berries . A complete, high protein in antioxidants, amino acids and polysaccharides. "Eat them raw and have the best day of your life." D. Wolfe

The berries are sold dried and can be eaten directly from the container or added to yogurt, breakfast cereals, salad or fruit smoothies or vegetables. It can actually be eaten as any other dried fruit like raisins or dried apricots, so the possibilities are endless.

They can also be rehydrated and dipped in a little water and waiting until a berry similar to the original product. Another suggestion is to take them in infusion as a painkiller.

Goji berries can be consumed by people of all ages and physical conditions.   The optimum dose is about a handful (20g-40g) per day.

To better maintain their properties store them in a dry and tightly closed container.

Other options are to buy  goji juice  or buy  capsules with the extract of goji berries  they bring in a minimum the amazing properties of berries. Logically both options are usually more expensive, but perhaps may be the best solution when it comes to enjoy the amazing benefits of goji.


8- The noni (aka Devil Fruit or default of India). It is high in vitamins and minerals and helps repair cells inside and outside.

The  noni  (Devil Fruit or default of India) is an arboreal plant of the family Rubiaceae; native to Southeast Asia and introduced to India and Polynesia. It is also known by the name of  Morinda citrifolia , is a tropical fruit that has important nutritional components that help  cell regeneration and to  increase the defenses of the immune system naturally.

This small shrub has showy white flowers that contrast with the bright green of the leaves, elliptical, large, and bright, with well marked veins. It blooms throughout the year, paying off egg-shaped irregular surface yellowish or whitish color. Its fruit contains many seeds equipped with an air bag which favors its distribution by flotation. When ripe fruit gives off a pungent odor that seems to be very attractive.

This shrub grows wild and free form in a variety of soils, tolerates high concentration of salts and even dry soils and drought, cold and wet land to volcanic terrain, sandy shores and rocky ledges.

Parties Noni fruit:

• Bark (shell) 
• Seed 
• Pulp 
• Stem

Forms of consumption of Noni:

The pulp is consumed in famine situations and several Pacific islands, which form part of the native diet, either cooked or raw. The seeds are usually roasted and eaten. Root and bark dyes red, purple and yellow are extracted.

With its pulp and flowers and made ​​tonics to strengthen the airways, poultice leaves are used to  combat cough , and the juice is applied in some countries to treat arthritis. Its juice is also an efficient tonic  fight diabetes and help regulate glucose levels in the blood.

Properties and applications in health Noni:

•  ENERGY ELIXIR:  Contains xeronina, one of its most important components, which provides energy and vigor to the body and  mind .

•  KIDNEY STONES:  helps neutralize calcium oxalate, helping to eliminate  kidney stones .

•  DEPURATIVO:  works as blood purifier and intestinal strong, detoxifies the body helping to eliminate toxins from the body.

•  Anti-inflammatory:  has anti-inflammatory-properties, which can be exploited to treat diseases of the  skin  such as rashes,  acne , bruises, etc.

•  ANTISEPTIC:  has important antiseptic properties, helps fight all kinds of infections.

•  IMMUNE SYSTEM:  helps strengthen the body's defenses significantly, which helps prevent infections and help eradicate all kinds of diseases.

•  CANCER CELLS:  there have been studies of the effects of Noni on calls and lung cancer Lewis cells.

•  SMOKING:  a great help to debug the lungs of  smokers .

•  Depression, Fatigue and LOW MOOD:  helps elevate mood and  state  of depression .

•  DISEASES AND NONI:  take the pulp of this fruit can be very favorable to help treat problems like high blood pressure, arthritis, menstrual cramps, gastric ulcers, sprains, indigestion, injury, atherosclerosis, problems with blood valves, circulation problems, senescence , drug addiction, pain relief and many more.

•  SKIN:  taking Noni often helps to diminish many skin problems because it acts as a tonic strong depth cleaning blood and guts, primarily responsible for the health of the skin.

  • Very useful for all respiratory ailments such as cough, asthma, colds, flu etc. Help addition, in cases of allergy.


9. Coconut oil . Supports thyroid function. Coconut oil is best for your skin. Containing short chain fatty acids moisturizing tissues and support the immune system. When using it, the body expels the insane system oils and other waste and replaced with coconut oil that is healthier. The high quality nutrients are absorbed, and the body expels toxic "impostors".

10- The Kelp Seaweed . It contains lots of nutrients like iodine. He helped save many people after radiation of Hiroshima.

Eating kelp, is a good way to keep metabolism in perfect condition.

This type of algae grow in shallow areas of the Patagonian coast. They have a brown and are flat and elongated. Like any alga has its own distinctive flavor of the products of evil, because  it contains high amounts of minerals among which iodine , which is precisely the charge of acting directly on the metabolism. Yet this type of algae contain a number of other nutrients such as fiber, and have other effects on the body will not ignore.

First of all we will highlight the  minerals and trace elements  that give us. Among them, as mentioned already the iodine , because as any marine product is a great source of this substance. The  Calcium  is another mineral that gives us. For this reason the use of this type of algae help us keep in perfect condition the thyroid gland, which is causing the proper functioning of metabolism. The doses of iodine which gives us  avoid the appearance of goitre caused by a malfunctioning thyroid  that will result in metabolic imbalances. In the case of calcium things change as we help to have one strong bones.

Getting a correct functioning of the metabolism which will help us is to  keep the weight quickly and easily . But not only will help us keep a body in perfect condition, but also help us to cleanse the body and protect it from heavy metals that accumulate and can harm us in the long term. The function whose purifiers arteries is something we can not pass by, which makes it ideal for controlling cholesterol food.

Its high content of  fiber  makes them ideal to treat constipation and maintain a body free of toxins and harmful substances food. Also will help us maintain body balance and promote overall wellness. It is therefore necessary that we introduce in our diet.

11- Spirulina and other blue-green algae . Full of amino acids and antioxidants. They are great for the immune system and help to produce stem cells. In combination with camu camu berry, is the "best weapons for the immune system."

Spirulina is a  micro-alga  and its deep green color is due to its high content of  chlorophyll  and more blue pigments are due to the presence of an antioxidant called  phycocyanin .

This wonderful alga has a wide variety of nutrients, so it is considered a  super-food .

Composition is a  60% to 70% protein , and possesses all the essential amino acids. It also has many  vitamins  (A, B1, B2, B6, E and K) and  antioxidants . Spirulina also has an alkalizing effect, which is essential to keep our body free of disease. Other components of spirulina are minerals and essential fatty acid, which is hard to find in foods we commonly consume.

In addition, spirulina can help fight  anemia because it contains much  iron , almost as much as red meat, and still contains chlorophyll, which also has properties that help keep our blood healthy.

Today everyone is protecting from the sun using creams and clothes with UV protection, but there are other ways and one of them is to eat spirulina. By eating spirulina, certain antioxidants that help our cells to protect themselves from UV radiation .

Spirulina contains  vitamin B12 , and therefore is a food that is highly consumed by vegetarians and vegans. However, there are certain specialized doctors (see sources at end of article) on the subject have shown that this type of vitamin B12 in spirulina does not generate the same effects in the body that vitamin B12 from other sources. Therefore, if you want to keep your vitamin B12 levels within an optimal range, and have chosen not to consume animal products, ideally taking a supplement.

Spirulina is sold in powder form, tablets or capsules. Many times people prefer a tablet or capsule because they like the taste. Powder can be used in salads, shakes, milk, etc. Sometimes people find it strange color, because with a small amount everything is colored green-blue.

Remember that spirulina is a food that has many medicinal properties, so it is unlikely to have side effects, unless you have allergies.

The recommended doses are 3-5 grams for children and beginners and then you can increase to consume 5-10 grams.

12- marine phytoplankton . The base of the food chain in the world. Contains ATP, which is the energy currency of our body and therefore provides us with energy, but in a balanced way. It keeps us alert, awake but not over-stimulated as you would caffeine.


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