5 healthy breakfast for busy mornings

Breakfast is the most important meal as it will determine our performance during the day. Some of the consequences of not breaking the fast in the body stays overnight, may decay, bad mood, poor concentration and low physical and intellectual performance.

However, the hectic daily routine can do that dont have enough time to provide us with a good diet from the early hours.These recipes will help you solve this problem you can face every day full of energy. Alternatively, you can try some of these nutritious smoothies .


1. smoothie yogurt with fruit

Liquefied mixture or a cup of Greek yogurt ( recipe ) with fruits such as banana or berries, and ½ cup liquid. Some options are milk, juice or coconut water. You can prepare it the night before and leave it in the freezer.

2. Healthy breakfast with oatmeal

The night before, mix ½ cup milk (you can use any vegetable milk ) 1/3 cup rolled oats, ½ banana tread, ¼ cup chopped nuts and a hint of cinnamon. Place the mixture in a covered container. The next morning, you can eat it warm or cold.


3. Quinoa with Fresh Fruit

The night before, cook the quinoa according to directions on the package, but replaces water for some vegetable milk of your choice (eg. Milk almonds). Season with a little nutmeg or cinnamon instead of using salt and pepper. In the morning, add strawberries, raspberries or blueberries and chopped nuts.

4. Torrecitas apple with almond butter and granola

Wash apples well. If you do not like the shell, you can peel them. Take away the center and rebánalas for thin slices.Úntalas with almond butter ( recipe ) and drizzle with almonds. Stack them to form turrets.

5. pudding chia seeds and almonds

In a bowl, place 2 cups almond milk, ½ cup of chia seeds, ½ teaspoon vanilla extract, 1 or 2 tablespoons of organic honey (or other sweetener). Mix until it begins to thicken. Refrigerate the preparation overnight. The next day, stir well before eating. Above, colócale fruits that you like. Some options are blueberries, peaches or plums. You can also add almonds, walnuts or other nuts.



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