The biggest and some subset of short mixed alcoholic beverages Cocktails . Cocktail or choice of Cocktails comes from America. Suitable mixed drinks resemble the tail of a cock or "spar" .Savremennite authors the term "Cocktail" understand and modified chilled alcoholic beverage component of two or more ingredients. In all Cocktails involved a major alcoholic beverage with their specific taste and aromatic qualities determine the nature of the mixture. What modify alcoholic beverages are single or combination of ingredients (modifiers, which alter the taste and smell, and in many cases, the color of the drink). As a basis for the Cocktail can be Cognac, Rum, Arak, Gin, Whisky, Vodka and others. As a rule, primary (alcoholic) Cocktail ingredient must be 50% of the beverage. Modified ingredient only exception might be the one. In many cases a combination of several modifier. Kata modifiers used Vermouth, Liquor, Wine, beverages bitters (Angostura bitters, orange bitter, bitter Campari), lemon juice, pineapple juice, various fruit juice, sugar, white, yolk, whole eggs, cream. Adding many modifiers spoils the taste of cocktails. Mixtures consumed ice cold and served immediately after preparation. For their cooling using ice cubes. Prepare in a shaker or mixing glass. In the blending of rare ingredients used mixing glass with a silver spoon and sieve called "strener". Mixing bowl was used when preserving clarity of Cocktails. When using thick modifiers (white, yolk, whole egg, cream, thick fruit juice or nectar), the mixture should be vigorously shaken. Cocktails to ice cold to drinking them. Serve in a small glass with a capacity of 30 cm3 or beaker 60 cm3. Cocktails made with champagne wine, pour champagne glass with a capacity of 100-125 cm3. Cocktails are served according to their taste and composition at various events - as an aperitif before meals, after meals, after coffee, then tea at evening visits. Never consumed during the meal. The Cocktails are defined as aperitif, should be dry - without sweetener. Slow the meal delivered  Pleasure and causes good digestion. Therefore aperitif is served 30 minutes before food. Cocktails are served after meals, after tea, after coffee, a solemn reception with sweeteners. Serving Cocktails individually without breakfast. Afternoon or evening receptions with appropriate cocktail to serve sweets, cheeses, roasted salted almonds, sandwiches, cookies and more. The quality of a Cocktail depends on the right combination of ingredients. In classic recipes small numbers of components. Illustrative a highly alcoholic beverage is one or two modifier. In modern recipes according to the conditions and meat customs modifiers become very different. As an example - a different Cocktail recipe is given with different ingredients. Nevertheless, important for real cocktail is that there is constant and adjuvants is prepared in one way. At the time of Prohibition in America there are cocktails that are not classic. In preparing their rule was not met - high alcohol component is at least 50% of the total composition.

Classic small glass of cocktail

Large cocktail glass for serving drinks sherry

Lower cylindrical serving short drinks

Cylindrical high narrow goblet for serving PUF coffee 

Glass of champagne on serving long drinks which involved champagne, sparkling                water or wine can be used for serving Boule

Small glass of hot drinks for serving hot punches, grogove shining wines

 Cylindrical or conical wide low cup serving highball

"Flute" glass for serving wine or champagne drinks involving wine, champagne or                  sparkling water

High cylindrical flips cup serving mixed drinks g involving white, yolk or whole egg

Wineglass serving of wine and some mixed drinks



 Short Drinks

High Spirits

  Long Drinks

    Hot Drinks


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